ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

6.3.4 Viewing Student History Across Multiple ALEKS courses


This feature allows administrators and instructors to view student history across multiple ALEKS courses. The comprehensive view can be used to identify each student's progress history and preserve a record of their work after they have been moved to a new ALEKS course. This feature can be found in the following reports:
  • ALEKS Pie Report for a Single Student (Sec. 6.3.8)
  • Progress Report for the Class (Detailed Progress History) (Sec. 6.3.15)
  • Progress Report for a Single Student (Sec. 6.3.16)
NOTE. Depending on the options selected by the administrator at the school, instructors are able to see report history only for the courses they have taught or for all courses taken by the student (Sec. 6.8.1). Administrators can see all report history for all students. This feature will display student history from August 1, 2012 through the present; performance prior to this date may appear as a grey bar.