ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

6.3.20 Knowledge Per Slice


Knowledge Per Slice

Figure 6.26: Knowledge Per Slice
Small illustration of this paragraph in left-hand margin. This report shows each student's current mastery for each ALEKS pie slice in the course and can be generated for the entire course or for individual students (Fig. 6.26). It includes overall course mastery, followed by a breakdown of progress in each pie slice.
Instructors can use this report to determine whether more emphasis should be placed on certain areas of the course, or to compare overall progress in the course with progress in particular slices.
Instructors can download a PDF summary of data from the course report. Clicking the Download Summary link just above the report will generate a PDF that displays time spent in ALEKS, average topic mastery, and a comparison between the beginning knowledge state (based on the Initial Knowledge Check) and the current knowledge state for each pie slice. The report shows this data for both the class and individual student.