ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

6.3.9 Objective Report


Objective Report

Figure 6.15: Objective Report
The Objective Report is a scrollable list of tiles for each objective in the course (Fig. 6.15). Each tile summarizes the student's progress for a particular objective at the time the report is generated. The tiles display the due date of the objective (future objectives) or the date the student completed the objective (past objectives), the score achieved, the number of items making up the objective, and the number of goal topics remaining.
Beneath the tiles are expandable lists of topics, broken down by category: Ready to Learn, Learned, Mastered, and Locked. ("Locked" topics are those for which the student has prerequisite topics left to complete.) To see a full list of topics, click on the View All Topics toggle. Double-click on a topic to see a sample question and corresponding explanation.