ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

12. QuickTables


ALEKS QuickTables

Figure 17: ALEKS QuickTables
QuickTables is a special tool in ALEKS for learning the math facts of Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division. It is available where needed as a component in ALEKS classes or as a separate class in ALEKS.
When you log in to an ALEKS class where QuickTables is enabled, you will see the QuickTables link in the Main Navigation Menu. Clicking on this link will switch you into the QuickTables environment (Fig. 17).
The first time you use QuickTables, you will have a short training session before starting to practice. The purpose of the training is to make sure that you are comfortable typing and entering numbers in ALEKS. There will be a series of quick drills in which you are asked to type numbers that appear on the screen. If you make a mistake, QuickTables will stop to let you correct it. You can enter the numbers by pressing either your computer's Enter key or the Space bar (the long bar at the bottom of the keyboard).
You will need to enter the numbers quickly; QuickTables wants you to learn the math facts so well that you can answer easily and smoothly. If you prefer to click numbers using the onscreen keypad, contact your instructor to turn on this feature.
After this training, you will begin a Knowledge Check of what you know now about the math facts. Do not be anxious about this Knowledge Check; just relax and do your best. The results of the Knowledge Check will tell QuickTables where you should start off in your math facts table. This Initial Knowledge Check must be finished in one login session. Logging out before it is complete will require restarting the test.
You may have more than one table set up. If so, you will see different tabs on your screen with the names of the tables: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division. Simply click on the tab for the table you wish to work in. You will need to take a brief Knowledge Check when you first start working in any table.

QuickTables Learning Display

Figure 18: QuickTables Learning Display
Once you finish the test, you will see a colored display that shows all the facts in the table (Fig. 18). The colors in the cells show whether you have learned that fact, and how well you know it. In general, you will see that the colors fill in through the table diagonally, from the top left corner down. The hardest facts are the ones you get to last, in the lower right-hand corner.
Above the table is a Progress bar that gives your overall percentage of the table. Notice that there are gold stars on the bar. Every time you reach one of these stars, there will be a new game for you to play. You earn access to the games by the progress that you make filling in your table. Any time you want to play a game that you have earned, click on the Games link top right. These are fun games that give you extra practice on the math facts that you have been learning.
NOTE. You will only be able to use QuickTables for a certain amount of time on any day, and only a certain number of times per week. These limits are set for the best possible progress in learning and remembering math facts.