ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

8. Reports


Report Dashboard

Figure 13: Report Dashboard
You can access a wide range of reports in your ALEKS account by selecting the Main Navigation Menu in the upper left corner and then selecting Reports.
The Report dashboard displays quick overviews of important data applicable to your progress in ALEKS (Fig. 13). You can move the tiles around by selecting the icon in the upper-right corner of a tile. Selecting View Full Report on a tile will give you more detailed information about that report.
Reports that may be available in your account include:
  • ALEKS Pie (Sec. 5.2)
  • Timeline (Sec. 5.1)
  • Progress History (Sec. 8.1)
  • Time and Topic Report (Sec. 8.2)
  • Objective Details Report (Sec. 8.3)
  • QuickTables Report (Sec. 8.4)


8.1 Progress History
8.2 Time and Topic Report
8.3 Objective Details Report
8.4 QuickTables Report