ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

5.2 Interface Features


The features of the Learning Mode interface allow the student to edit personal information related to their account, view reports and gradebook information, and access helpful tools such as the ALEKS Dictionary, Calculator, and Review.
Students also have the ability to print certain screens in ALEKS. The Print feature will be available when the student generates a worksheet, views their reports, or utilizes the Explain page in Learning Mode. More detailed explanations of these options can be found below.


5.2.1 Ending an ALEKS Session
5.2.2 Resources
5.2.3 Options
5.2.4 Report
5.2.5 Dictionary
5.2.6 Calculator
5.2.7 Review
5.2.8 Course Forum
5.2.9 Gradebook
5.2.10 Calendar
5.2.11 Worksheet
5.2.12 Assignments
5.2.13 Inbox
5.2.14 Help
5.2.15 MyPie