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As part of McGraw-Hill Education, ALEKS Corporation has a vision for transforming education by providing the most advanced technology and the highest quality content available in the context of compelling educational experiences. At ALEKS Corporation, our mission is to assist educators and learners in dramatically improving learning outcomes through the delivery of artificially intelligent learning and assessment that continually adapts to the unique needs of each student. ALEKS precisely and comprehensively assesses each student's knowledge, and delivers targeted instruction on the individual topics that each student is most ready to learn.

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ALEKS has been used by millions of students in more than 100 academic subjects ranging from elementary school mathematics to Precalculus at thousands of schools and other educational institutions throughout the world.

Company Leadership

ALEKS Corporation is comprised of expert and experienced professionals in a number of fields, including mathematical cognitive science, computer science and engineering, user experience, mathematics, science and implementation.

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Company Background

Led by Dr. Jean-Claude Falmagne, ALEKS assessment and learning technologies were originally developed at the University of California, Irvine, with major funding from the National Science Foundation. Dr. Falmagne is an internationally recognized researcher in Mathematical Cognitive Psychology, and one of the two developers of Knowledge Space Theory, a field of research that serves as the foundation of the ALEKS artificial intelligence and assessment and learning technologies.

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In 1993, Dr. Falmagne assembled a team of software engineers, mathematicians, and cognitive scientists at UCI. Dr. Falmagne's team created the core of ALEKS. ALEKS Corporation was formed in November 1996 and in May 1997, ALEKS Corporation and the University of California entered into an exclusive, permanent, worldwide license. The Company began normal business operations on August 2, 1999, making ALEKS available in the two-year college market in the United States.

Over the next fourteen years, ALEKS Corporation enhanced and expanded the ALEKS software and system, substantially increasing its product offerings to include numerous courses for both K-12 and Higher Education. In June 2013, ALEKS Corporation merged with McGraw-Hill Education, taking advantage of a shared vision for education, and setting the stage for even more rapid growth and extended availability of ALEKS learning and assessment technologies.