ALEKS Leadership Team Bios

McGraw Hill ALEKS is comprised of expert and experienced professionals in a number of fields, including mathematical cognitive science, computer science and engineering, user experience, mathematics, science and implementation.

Lori Anderson photo

Lori Anderson

Chief Product Officer

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Nicolas Thiery photo

Nicolas Thiéry

Chief Technology Officer

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Terry Cheng photo

Terry Cheng

Sr. Director, Technical Product Management

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Damien Lauly photo

Damien Lauly

Sr. Director, Quality Control & International Product Development

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Adrien Blanchi photo

Adrien Blanchi

Sr. Director, Software Engineering/Applications

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Gildas Cadin photo

Gildas Cadin

Sr. Director, Software Engineering/ Architecture & Quality Assurance

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Christopher Grayce photo

Christopher Grayce

Sr. Director, Product Development Chemistry Content

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Andrew Rast photo

Andrew Rast

Director, Product Development Mathematics Content

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Eric Cosyn photo

Eric Cosyn

Sr. Director, Applied Research

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Michael Kanaly photo

Michael Kanaly

Sr. Director, ALEKS Operations

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David Lemoine photo

David Lemoine

Director, ALEKS Course Product Implementation

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Vanessa Sullivan photo

Vanessa Sullivan

Director, User Experience Research

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Manisha Patel photo

Manisha Patel

Director, Quality Engineering

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