ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

ALEKS Family Discount

Add a personalized tutor at the fraction of the cost of a human tutor! ALEKS is available anytime you are, whenever you need it. You can purchase ALEKS for yourself, or for someone else (such as a child) and experience the benefits of individualized assessment-based learning.


We offer a family discount for the 6-month and 12-month terms.

6-Month Term   12-Month Term
Number of Students Price Total Discount Off Monthly Rate
1 $99.95 16.50%
2 $169.90 29.03%
3 $239.88 33.20%
4 $299.84 37.38%
5 $374.80 37.38%
6 $449.76 37.38%
Number of Students Price Total Discount Off Monthly Rate
1 $179.95 24.83%
2 $305.90 36.11%
3 $431.88 39.87%
4 $539.84 43.63%
5 $674.80 43.63%
6 $809.76 43.63%




Discounts are applied automatically when you purchase multiple 6-month or multiple 12-month accounts within a single credit-card transaction. If the accounts are NOT purchased at the same time, the discount will only apply to subsequent accounts and not the original account until it is renewed.

When you subscribe, we will create two ALEKS accounts:

  • Student Account: This is the account you will use to access the ALEKS Student Module which will serve as an interactive tutor.
  • Master Account: With this account, you can monitor student progress through automated reports, assign quizzes, manage student accounts, and much more.