Independent Use Account

ALEKS Independent Use subscriptions
include a Student Account and a Master Account.

Below is an outline of what to expect in each account.

Student Account:

  1. First, students will complete an Initial Knowledge Check in the selected course to see what they know, don’t know, and what they’re ready to learn next.
  2. Next, students will work through their ALEKS Pie, following a customized learning path that best helps them to learn the remaining course material.
  3. After students have learned ~20 new topics in ALEKS, they will complete a progress Knowledge Check to ensure knowledge retention. ALEKS will continue this cycle of learning verified by Knowledge Checks throughout the duration of the course.
  4. Students will continue learning topics at their own pace; immediate feedback, explanations, and resources are available to help students when they need support.

Master Account:

  1. In your Master Account, you can update your account information, manage settings for each student account, update/cancel your subscription, and complete other account management actions.
  2. You can monitor student learning progress by viewing various learning reports, and/or by triggering automated email reports to be sent on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis.
  3. If additional student practice is needed, you can create Quizzes for students to practice specific topics.
  4. An ALEKS subscription allows access to all course products! You can move a student into a new course at any time by editing the student account from your Master Account.