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5.2.2 Options


Options Page

Figure 5.1: Options Page
Small illustration of this paragraph in left-hand margin. The "Options" link in ALEKS contains user and class information specific to the student. A checkbox for joining "Ask a Friend" may be available, depending on the student's class (Sec. 5.7).
The "Report" link connects the student to a menu of all assessment reports (Sec. 5.2.3).
The "History" link displays a list of concepts the student has worked on recently, indicating the level of mastery achieved and providing the opportunity to return to that concept for further practice (see also Review, Sec. 5.2.8).
The "Options" page includes the time the student has currently spent in the ALEKS class. Subscription information is displayed, including the beginning and expiration dates of the account (Fig. 5.1). To return to Learning Mode, click on the "Done" button.