ALEKS QuickTables

Welcome to ALEKS QuickTables

ALEKS QuickTables is a math fact mastery program for multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction. This research-based online program helps students learn and recall math facts, offers adaptive practice and assessment, and engages students through fun interactive games. Educators can customize math facts tables for classes or individual students, and can monitor student progress through visual reports. QuickTables is complimentary with any ALEKS mathematics course or can be purchased on its own to help students master basic math facts once and for all.

Student Experience

QuickTables engages students to learn their math facts through ongoing practice, interactive games, and periodic assessment to ensure retention and recall of math facts. It is recommended that students use QuickTables for at least 15 min per day, 3 - 5 days per week to build math fact fluency.

  • Students work on Multiplication, Division, Addition, and/or Subtraction tables
  • Interactive games offer a built-in reward to strengthen student practice
  • Retention assessments ensure long-term recall of math facts
  • Adaptive learning allows for immediate feedback to students to help with speed and fluency

Educator Experience

QuickTables requires minimal educator set-up or management to help students master math facts. Educators can monitor student progress with real-time visual reports, generate customized quizzes or worksheets, and adjust program settings to best fit student and class needs.

  • QuickTables identifies each student’s math fact knowledge through an initial assessment and visualizes ongoing progress
  • Educators can seamlessly monitor student progress and identify struggling students in need of additional support
  • Class and individual student settings allow instructors to meet the learning needs of all students
  • Games can be customized by educators to keep students engaged throughout math fact practice


QuickTables Research

ALEKS QuickTables facilitates storage in long-term memory and automatic retrieval of math facts by leveraging well-established cognitive science findings:

Retrieval Practice (or Practice Testing)
Students must actively recall and practice a QuickTables math fact.

Interleaved Practice
When learning a new math fact, QuickTables students must practice the new fact in a mix with already-learned facts (as opposed to learning a new math fact in isolation).

Distributed Practice (or Spacing)
Both the time between QuickTables sessions – which are kept short and at least one day apart – and the occurrences of a given math fact – which become less frequent as the student demonstrates mastery of the fact – are spacing principles implemented in QuickTables by means of a memory stacks algorithm outlined here.

Intrinsic Motivation
QuickTables makes learning fun by periodically enabling student access to interactive games that directly test and reinforce student mastery of math facts learned to date.