ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

Developmental education faces a number of significant challenges, including low passing and retention rates, and decreased funding. ALEKS offers an all-digital, affordable solution that can effectively tackle these challenges and dramatically improve student success.



ALEKS for Dev Math:

  • Increases pass rates
  • Improves student confidence
  • Provides detailed student data
  • Offers flexible, customizable courses

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ALEKS developmental math courses range from Basic Math through Intermediate Algebra. Customize any of the courses below to fit your implementation model and align with your syllabi and textbook. These courses also offer fully-integrated, interactive eBooks with media-rich resources.

(EN-SP) Fully Bilingual Course - English and Spanish    (ACE) American Council On Education
Click to open Basic Math (EN-SP) 
Click to open Pre-Algebra (EN-SP) 
Click to open Math Literacy (EN-SP) 
Click to open Liberal Arts Mathematics (EN-SP) 
This course covers 100% of the Upper portion of the FL Developmental Education Math Competencies. Click here to view the correlation of topics to competencies. You can customize the scope and sequence of this course to meet your curricular needs.
*Other Topics Available 
By default, these topics are NOT included in the course, but can be added using the content editor in the Teacher Module.

(ACE) American Council on Education® Credit-Recommended Course